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About S.S.L.B

We opened in early 2021, with the aim to help and support those that have lost siblings through homicide and Suicide. Around a year later, the forum closed for a break.

We are back, and here to help.

Come and chat with others that are experiencing similar situations as you.

Each member has lost a sibling through either a Homicide or a Suicide,

Each member understands exactly where you are coming from.

Your pain, your anger and your frustration.


Get to Know Us

Jennie- SSLB Founder: Jennie lost her older sister to murder in 1992

"My sister Natalie was just 16 when she died.... still a child in reality.

She had chosen a path which was a dangerous one, but no-one deserves this.

I was blessed to have had a really supportive network after the loss of my sibling,

However, being able to talk to people that have experienced this,

is a real breath of fresh air, they just get it!

A fabulous friend of mine, sadly lost her younger sister through suicide.

We were able to see and understand each others loss as the same. 

No real answers, a complete shock and truly devastating.

Which is why the forum is created this way.

If I look into the future, I would love to see SSLB as a thriving community,

really making a difference. That to me would be amazing"

Want to help?

We are always grateful for any help with the forum, advertising or fund-raising.

If you would like to volunteer some time, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are not at charity status, but the next step for us will be to head that way.

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